Rumors & Records Point to New ‘WipEout’ Game

By | 5 years ago 

Three years after WipEout HD was released on the PS3 (and two years following the release of the WipEout HD Fury expansion pack) there is evidence that a new title in the series, WipEout Trinity, is in the works.

On November 21, 2010, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe registered the domain name You can see the entire Whois record here. Registering a domain like this is often one of the first steps from a developer or publisher once a project has been undertaken to ensure that no one else gets to the domain first. Punching the full domain into your address bar redirects you to

We have unconfirmed reports that former SCE Studio Liverpool Technical Director, Martin Linklater (who previously worked on WipEout HD and WipEout Pure) was working on an unreleased WipEout project (PS3) before leaving the company. Later, the company was apparently seeking recruitment of a senior designer to work on a high-profile, futuristic racing franchise. Neither rumor could be confirmed at the time of this writing, but the evidence is strong that we can look forward to another breakneck racer sometime soon.

Speculation abounds on what WipEout Trinity is, but with WipEout 2048 leaked as one of four NGP launch titles and the next generation of consoles just peeking over the horizon, our money is on a new PS3 title (hopefully with 3D to better experience those stomach-churning corners and crashes).

The WipEout franchise, known for its sense of speed and crazy track designs made possible through hovering vehicles, was started in 1995 and spans eight titles over multiple platforms. Sony acquired Psygnosis (WipEout’s developer) in 1999.

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