'Wii Remote Plus' Controller Coming in November

Nintendo Wii

The PlayStation Move controller is now out in the wild and working hard to wrestle away a share of the motion market from the already dominant Wii. In order to combat the release of Move and Kinect’s upcoming launch, Nintendo looks to be unloading a new Wiimote in the most unlikely of games.

Titled the Wii Remote Plus, this new motion controller is a Wii remote with the Motion Plus accessory already built in.

Bundled with FlingSmash, a 2D side scrolling game similar to Super Monkey Ball, this new controller should help increase sales of this previously unknown game exponentially. FlingSmash gameplay looks extremely derivative but, with the motion element included, there is potential for fun to be had.

A retail game bundled with a Wii accessory is not something new. The inclusion of a Wii Motion Plus with Wii Sports Resort certainly boosted sales of the game.

Including the motion plus capability with a single Wii controller has already been developed by third party controller manufacturers but it's hard to beat the quality in a first party developed controller. As the Wii continues to dominate sales of this generation, the controller market for the console is extremely saturated and one can expect FlingSmash to be one of the top Wii games on the sales charts for November.

FlingSmash wii remote plus

While Nintendo has confirmed the Wiimote update to Eurogamer, they've refused to comment beyond the simple confirmation. Gamers displeased by the cumbersome motion plus add-on will have a solid option in the new Remote Plus. We’ll keep you posted when you can snag a Wii Remote Plus - apart from FlingSmash.

What do you think of the idea of a Wii Remote Plus? Is this an update you were hoping for?

FlingSmash with Wii Remote Plus bundled is set for release November 7th on the Wii.

Source: Kotaku

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