Is a New Valkyria Chronicles Game in Development?

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The PlayStation 3 is a console that has seen its fair share of oddball games over the years, and with plenty of Triple-A titles to contend with, these little games often get lost in the shuffle. One of th0se games was a cel shaded tactical JRPG title called Valkyria Chronicles, which tasked players with controlling a ragtag battalion of troops in a fantastical version of World War II. While the game slipped under many gamers’ radars, Valkyria Chronicles found itself a cult following, as JRPG fans declared the title a classic, flocking to the game for its tight, tactics-heavy gameplay and unique world.

The game would get two sequels, one localized and one not, but many assumed the world had seen the last of Valkyria Chronicles. But a new trademark filing suggests the series could be making resurgence.

Many assumed Valkyria Chronicles publisher Sega would resign the series to a bit cameo in the next Project X Zone, but apparently Sega may have grander plans for the series. According to Japanese gaming blog Estuteru, Sega was recently issued a trademark for a game titled Valkyria of the Blue Revolution by the Japanese Patent Office.

Valkyria Chronicles Cast

While this trademark filing does not confirm the existence of a new Valkyria Chronicles title, all signs seem to point to the filing being related to the series. The title Valkyria of the Blue Revolution, echoes the Japanese title of the first game in the series, Valkyria of the Battlfield. Additionally, the filing does explicitly state that the trademark is attached to a video game. However, the filing does not clarify if the title applies to a traditional video game or if it is a pachinko machine or mobile game.

While this news is sure to excite fans of the Valkyria series in Japan, Western fans may hesitate to jump for joy just yet. While Valkyria Chronicles II was released stateside for the PSP, Sega opted to forgo a Western release of the 2011 entry Valkyria Chronicles III. Many attribute this decision due to the lackluster sales of the PSP in the Western world, but fans of the series bemoaned the choice and bombarded Sega with calls for an English release of the game.

But Sega hasn’t given up on the Valkyria franchise in the West just yet. The publisher released a PC port of the first Valkyria Chronicles last year, where the title was met with warm reviews and strong sales. If this trademark filing points towards the release of a new Valkyria Chronicles release, Western fans will have to cross their fingers and toes for a release outside of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Source: Polygon