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Twisted Metal

The return of Twisted Metal announcement at E3 has built up a ton of excitement for fans of the franchise. We saw a lot of promising previews and details at the expo, and are hungry for more. Fortunately, CEO of Eat Sleep Play David Jaffe was kind enough to feed us a snack via his Twitter page, revealing more details about the upcoming and anticipated revival.

Jaffe touched on the main focus of development for the game - multiplayer:

"The stories and world and characters are VERY important to us."

"BUT the bread and butter is (multiplayer) so made more sense to put much effort into the levels and design modes and balance vs. tons of time making more and more factions that really don't affect play at all."

The focus on multiplayer should please fans of the franchise considering that's always been the main drive (see what I did there?) for the game.

He also elaborates a bit on factions, detailing that the four factions will be Clowns, Dolls, Skulls and Holy Men. There won't be 16 unique characters for each of the vehicles, however, but they will each be driven by one of the four factions with a gunner.

"Individual characters would not work in Team modes for us (i.e. factions easy to distinguish which team is which)."

There will also be local multiplayer, paying homage to the original titles, a mode that was key to the success of the franchise from the beginning. They also want to include custom soundtracks, but only if there is time during development.

Jaffe also explains that the single player mode's tone will fall somewhere between Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black.

It doesn't stop there, Jaffe revealed a couple of the smaller mechanics as well:

"If you freeze the copter, it drops out of the sky and smashes in the ground. Takes a bit of damage but more than that: it opens itself up for a devastating turbo ram."

He also mentioned goals for the visual details from a turbo ram:

"The plan is to toss debris and flip cars when a big ram occurs but it's not happening yet."

So that's a nice serving of some Twisted Metal details if you ask me. I'm sure we can expect more as Jaffe mentions that they will be at Comic Con this year (as well as a few of us!) and he says they will be giving out free Sweet Tooth masks!

"Probably no playable demo though as we can't get that many screens on the floor. Space is limited at the con."

Twisted Metal was unveiled at E3 this year and is looking at a 2011 release, maintaining it's PS3 exclusivity.

Are you excited for Twisted Metal?

Source: Jaffe's Twitter

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