New Trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution — ‘Welcome Back, Adam’

Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer

At the Toyko Game Show, Square Enix released a "new" trailer for Eidos Montreal's upcoming action RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Initially released with a Japanese voiceover, the English version arrived today. The original trailer, which is pretty bad ass, raised this title's profile ten-fold. The E3 footage also impressed and I've been anxiously awaiting to see more from the game since then.

Unfortunately, the new footage doesn't really offer up much that's new other than an expository voiceover. Check out the video here:


Similar to the previous entries into the series, Jensen is on a search for those conspirators who create chaos and hate in the world for their own gain. While the voiceover gives some additional background on the story, much of the scenes depicted are just a remix of the original trailer. The great haunting soundtrack, which is still available for download, also made its return. There are a couple of new elements, however. The trailer shows a cyberpunk Rhianna look alike shooting non-uniformed combatants rather efficiently while phasing in and out of camouflage similar to a Predator. A missile also enters an ocean next to both a naval ship and a rather large and seemingly endless hollowed-out platform. The missile's purpose is left unexplained, but a vague warning about the end of the world is provided.

The rocket which Jensen is piloting towards the end of the footage is a "Low-Earth-Orbit Shuttlecraft" or "L.E.O craft." More symbolism relating to Icarus? Obviously, but Producer David Anfossi offers a simpler explanation:

These are the future in earth travel, but limited to billionaires and corporations because they are so expensive to operate. They enable people to cut down travel time between one city and another by launching into low earth orbit and dropping back down in sync with the earth's rotation. Thus, one can hop from American [sic] to China in about half the time it would take to travel by conventional airplanes.

Since Adam Jensen is a private security specialist hired to protect the interests of one of the largest bio-tech corporations in the Deus Ex world, it doesn't seem too surprising that he would have access to such a craft. Plus, the Deus Ex series has always featured a globe-trotting protagonist, so a means of quick travel is a must.

While the trailer impresses, it still doesn't offer a lot of new information. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to hear more substantive info about this cyberpunk thriller. In the meantime, check out Game Rant's Preview here.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set for release in February 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and OnLive.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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