Tony Hawk Teases New Console Title for ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ Fans

By | 2 years ago 

Despite any missteps that might have occurred during the twilight of the Tony Hawk franchise’s popularity, gamers still hold a certain fondness for the rail-grinding, kickflipping romp. Much like with Rock Band, another Activision franchise known for tight mechanics and an excellent soundtrack, it isn’t a question of whether there will be another Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but when.

Apparently, that when is much sooner than we originally thought, as the Hawkman himself has confirmed work on two new games with Activision. According to the former pro skater, the publisher is working on a console and a mobile title that “fans of the THPS series will be hyped” to hear more about.

Unfortunately, Hawk left it at that, choosing not to confirm whether the upcoming games would be Pro Skater reboots or completely new titles with similar sensibilities. He also doesn’t say whether these two titles are independent of each other or two versions of the same release. Given that he avoids outright saying these are Tony Hawk Pro Skater games we’re inclined to believe these are spin-offs or spiritual successors, but the prospect is still exciting regardless.

At first it seemed like Tony Hawk Shred Session would be the best fans were going to get, but that mobile title has since been indefinitely delayed. Now it is up to these new games to carry on the legacy of THPS, hopefully with the added bonus of current-gen polish.

But, while older gamers might hold a certain fondness for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater it’s hard to determine how much demand there would be for a new game. The THPS HD remake, for example, didn’t go over quite as well with gamers as Activision might have hoped, but some of that falls onto developer Robomodo.

And with Neversoft gone – the studio was folded into Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward – the odds of getting a bona fide Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater successor are even slimmer. We admire Tony Hawk’s enthusiasm for games and his fans, but it may be best to let the franchise enjoy what successes it did have.

Are you interested in a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? What would make you excited to return to the franchise?

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