Possible 'Tales of' Announcement Happening Soon [Updated]

Possible Namco Bandai Tales of Announcement

Fans of the Tales of series might be in for a very special treat, possibly later on today, with an announcement that more of the Tales of games that were released exclusively for Japan, are going to be localized for release in North America.

If true, this may come as a bit of a surprise of fans since Namco Bandai had previously stated that there were not any plans to bring any of the exclusive Tales of games beyond Japanese shores.

[Update: Good timing! Only an hour or two later Tales of Grace F was confirmed for North American release. More details soon!

Rich Bantegui, the Namco Community Manager tweeted that the Vesperia logo was not in that warped picture (seen below), and in fact it was only "massively warped TOGf images" ]

Richard Bantegui, the new Community Manager for Namco Bandai, put up a mysterious website that stitrred up the Western Tales of fanbase. On the website, is a very blurred image that looks like a mashup of the logos for Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F.

Tales of Vesperia was originally released on the Xbox 360, but later ported over to the PS3 with an amazing amount of extra content, including a new playable character that was not featured in the 360 verison.

Tales of Graces F was released on the Wii, but also later ported over to the PS3 will almost an equal amount of extra content that Vesperia received, including an epilogue that continued the story.

Both of these ports were only released in Japan and like other Tales of games, the ports were never localized and released in other regions. Western fans of the series have been heavily campaigning towards a localization of both of Vesperia and Graces F, and if this announcement confirms that it's happening, then this will be sure to please Tales of fans across the world.

Tales Studio has certainly seen some tough financial times, but the studio could see a turnaround with the localization of these very popular Tales of games. The fanbase is there and it has already proven that Tales of games sell systems (Tales of Vesperia was the first game to cause the 360 to sell out in Japan, as an example).

Stay tuned in for updates on this potential announcement from Namco Bandai!

Source: Tales Union

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