New "Tales" Game Coming to PS3 this Fall?

Namco Tales Gameplay

In the rumor mill right now is a potential new Tales game coming from Namco for the PS3. The title, which is likely to be called Tales of Unitia, would be released this Fall 2010 for the PS3 only alongside another Tales of title for the PSP.

The last game released in the US was Tales of Vesperia for next-gen consoles. Considering it's been a two year period between then and now, it's a safe bet the game would be close to completion by now and Namco is merely waiting for the right time to announce it.

I haven't played a Tales game since Tales of Symphonia back on the Gamecube. While I did enjoy the art style incredible, I didn't find the combat to be all that I wanted it to be. It's also worth mentioning I am not a huge fan of real-time combat in my RPGs and seeing as how Vesperia was my first encounter within it, I wasn't entirely sold. It would be far from surprising if Namco continued with the real-time combat in this rumored title, but I definitely think it's time for something new for the series.

Although it does seem like the latest flavor-of-the-month for RPGs is, indeed, real-time combat. While hectic and action packed battles are awesome, but when you have to monitor things like status effects, buffs, debuffs, and various things like that, real-time action can be more of a chore than anything else. Remember, I'm not bad-mouthing the series, just expressing my dismay of real-time combat in RPGs.

Are you fans of the "Tales" series, Ranters?  It may be years before it reaches North American shores, but would you like to get your hands on Tales of Unitia?

Source: Tales Union

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