'Nightmare Busters' Set to Release on the SNES in 2013

Nightmare Busters SNES

The title of this post is correct, so do not write to Game Rant with a typo correction. That's right, there will be a brand spanking new game coming out for the Super Nintendo by the name of Nightmare Busters. Dig through the attics, scour basements, and go garage sale hunting because it's time to dust off the old SNES. Last time we checked it wasn't April 1, so this must be true, right?

Not since 1998 has there been a new release for the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo itself released 22 years ago! Nightmare Busters comes to us from the development group, Super Fighter Team.

Originally a salesman with a passion for game design, Brandon Cobb is the founder of Super Fighter Team based right out of San Diego, CA. Their passion at SFT is all about classic gaming, that is their number one priority. They believe that life can be breathed back into video games, systems, and computers that have been long since forgotten — and we should be thankful for them. Super Fighter Team plans on continually releasing games for such systems as the Sega Genesis and Atari Lynx.

There is not much information on Nightmare Busters other than that it is a "masterful run and gun game for the Super Nintendo" — more details are expected to come out later this year. Unfortunately, due to high production costs, Nightmare Busters will not come cheap — so this game better be brilliant for what the asking price is. Those in the states can look forward to paying $68, which includes shipping and handling. While those outside of the US can $75, which also includes shipping and handling. Super Fighter Team is looking to produce up to 600 copies while supplies last and demand still high. You can pre-order the game now on the Super Fighter Team's website.

Anyone interested in purchasing the game can expect:

  • One (1) copy of Nightmare Busters for the Super Nintendo; a game cartridge with full color label, which supports both PAL and NTSC based systems.
  • One (1) full color instruction manual.
  • One (1) full color cardstock box to house the game cartridge and instruction manual.

Those worried that the product will be cheaply made, SFT ensures that all the production material will be brand new.

"The product will be manufactured from completely new materials. This means no existing game boards, cartridge shells or boxes will be "recycled" from other products. Rather, everything will be produced by our factory."

What can we expect from this indie development company? Will Nightmare Busters be a hit? Only time will tell.

Ranters, will you be interested in pre-ordering a copy of Nightmare Busters?


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Source: Super Fighter Team

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