New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: Toadette Has Bizarre Ability

super mario bizarre crown ability

Super Mario Odyssey made headlines for many things, but arguably, two of the strangest was Mario's nipples and Cappy, a Bonneter from the Cap Kingdom. It seems this strangeness and lore is also coming to New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, the Switch remake of the Wii U title coming early 2019. Revealed at the recent Nintendo Direct, it has been revealed that a new playable character, Toadette, can become Princess Peach by placing a gold crown on her head.

Referred to as Peachette, this bizarre ability creates a number of questions about the Mushroom and Cap Kingdoms. Does this mean these two kingdoms have been interconnected longer than we thought? Is this essentially a retcon that turns Princess Peach, a human, into the same fictional race as her subjects, the toads? Understandably, this unique ability in New Super Bros. U Deluxe is one many people may debate for some time.

Unless, of course, Nintendo were to officially weigh in, but with what little we knew about the Mushroom Kingdom beforehand, that doesn't seem too likely. Like her namesake, Peachette has the ability to float and double jump, receiving boosts if she falls into a pit. Check it out in the trailer below:

This ability has led to loads of speculation, suggesting that toads can become humans with the proper headgear from the Cap Kingdom. Since Toadette and Princess Peach have never been seen at the same time in a canonical entry, it is certainly a curious reveal. While Nintendo Directs usually come packed to the gills with new information, it's needless to say that this is a major change-up.

This reveal, as well as the reveal of the New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, follows rumors that the Wii U title was getting remade for the Nintendo Switch. Considering we've already been hit with this bit of mysterious news and the game still has quite some time before launch, it'll be interesting to see what else comes of the platformer title.

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is slated to release on January 11, 2019, exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Kotaku

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