Fan-Made 'New Super Mario Bros. 3' Trailer Will Rock Your Worlds


In the annals of classic gaming there is no question that Super Mario Brothers 3 is considered one of the greatest games of all time. With dozens of remakes, fan tributes, even cell phone ring tones, this classic game has lived on well beyond its life expectancy. Now a very clever and creative fan has created the New Super Mario Brothers 3 based on the New Super Mario Brothers for DS.

Six months in the making, this unofficial labor of love has the complete Super Mario Brothers 3, all redone with New Super Mario Brothers assets. It also includes levels from other Mario games, Super Metroid, and brings in some classic characters like Link into the Mario universe. This brilliant fan remake will be available for download tomorrow, and its creator has released a trailer to give us a small sneak peek into his incredible creation take a look:


How Nintendo will feel about this fan tribute remains to be seen, though they're typically very protective of their intellectual property. It's recommended that you download this as soon as possible to make sure that you don't miss out on this stunning re-imagining of this classic game. Regardless of how Nintendo reacts, the clever creation is sure to reignite the passion of Super Mario Brothers 3 fans everywhere, and is definitely something that retro gamers should not miss out on.

Now that you have seen the New Super Mario Bros. 3 trailer what do you think? Has it made you want to dust off your old Nintendo Entertainment System, or will you wait until tomorrow and download this beautiful new version? How do you feel about fan creations such as this? Is it a violation of Nintendo's intellectual property or brilliant fair use? We want to know what you think! Make sure to share your opinions in the comments to the comments below.

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