Nintendo announced plans to begin making their first-party games available for download this past April, and this new policy will begin with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 next month. This move was thought to be a revolutionary step forward for a company that is often criticized for falling behind on current gaming trends, but it was disheartening when we learned that downloading a new title will cost gamers the exact same price as it does for a boxed copy.

With very little incentive to purchase 3DS titles through the eShop, Nintendo has finally confirmed that gamers that take the liberty of buying New Super Mario Bros. 2 via eShop will not only become pioneers of the Big N’s new digital venture, but will also receive a small bonus in the form of 100 Club Nintendo coins. Meanwhile, those that purchase the retail version of NSMB2 will receive a mere 50 coins. revealed the news, much to the delight of gamers who planned on downloading the game anyway, but it’s really not much of a deal breaker. In Japan, on the other hand, digital connoisseurs will be rewarded with a free downloadable copy of the original Donkey Kong, which is a much more enticing offer than a few extra Club Nintendo coins.

Anyone who plans on securing a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 upon its release will have to do two things to obtain the extra Nintendollars:

  1. Make sure they’ve linked their Nintendo 3DS to their Club Nintendo account.
  2. Complete the registration survey on Club Nintendo prior to September 30th, 2012.

While the extra coins are a nice gesture, and an easy way to help fans reach the coveted Club Nintendo Platinum Status, they just aren’t enough to make it worth missing out on a tangible instruction booklet and box. Then again, travelling 3DS owners who’d like to have their game collection on the go may disagree.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be 1-Upping the competition on Nintendo 3DS this August 19th.

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