It’s almost criminal how overshadowed Luigi has been by his older (and substantially more commercialized) brother, and Nintendo sought out to rectify this injustice earlier in the year by officially deeming 2013 as ‘The Year of Luigi’. At long last, the green-suited Italian is set to take the limelight. His latest solo outing in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was only just the beginning, and another big Luigi-centric adventure is scheduled to be hitting the Wii U in the very near future.

New Super Luigi U is ditching the iconic Mario in favor of his cowardly sibling, as he takes off on an adventure to rescue Princess Peach. While the original plan for this content was for it to arrive as a paid add-on for New Super Mario Bros. U, available exclusively through the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has announced in the latest Nintendo Direct that his company will be releasing a retail version of the content.

It goes without saying that this gesture means that those who have a poor internet connection, lack hard drive space on their Wii U, or simply don’t own New Super Mario Bros. U can play New Super Luigi U without a worry in the world. The only drawbacks to picking up the retail version of the content is that it’ll cost gamers $10 more than it downloadable iteration and there’s also a delay between the title’s eShop debut and its retail release.

New Super Luigi U

Anyone who already owns New Super Mario Bros. U can expect to pay $19.99 on the Wii U’s eShop when it launches on June 20th, while those looking to score a copy from a brick-and-mortar retailer will be waiting until August 25th to pay $29.99.

If that weren’t enough, today Nintendo announced a new playable character for the game that’ll be replacing Mario this time around. Anyone familiar with the previously mentioned NSMBU should instantly recognize the antagonist Nabbit, and they may be happy to know that the character will soon be joining the platforming madness as a playable character. Like Luigi, Nabbit will have some unique traits that separate him from the generic play style of Toad and Mario — such as the ability to run past baddies without being injured. This does come at a cost, however, as Nabbit is unable to utilize power-ups.

New Super Luigi U should provide Wii U owners with some entertainment as they await games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 to hit the software-deprived console in the coming months.

Do you plan on picking up New Super Luigi U? If so, then will you grab the eShop version or wait for a tangible copy?

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