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Nintendo often gets knocked for regularly churning out sequels to its well established franchises like Mario and Zelda and not spending enough time developing new IP. But that complaint died down a bit after last year's E3, when Nintendo announced a new IP called Splatoon. The game is Nintendo's take on the third-person shooter genre, although this is obviously not something that's going to compete with the likes of Call of Duty or HaloSplatoon features an online mode that transforms that game into a team-based shooter, where players will fight 4v4 matches to see who can splatter the most ink across the game's maps.

Nintendo has been heavily promoting its new franchise, and that continued at PAX East this month. Nintendo released a new trailer, which can be seen above, showing players reacting after getting a chance to play the game on the PAX East show floor. While that video doesn't really give any new information, a Nintendo representative went a little more in-depth during an interview on the show floor with Shack News.

Nintendo's Corey Olcsvary discussed the narrative behind the single player game, which isn't something that has been prominently promoted by Nintendo during its marketing push. Olcsvary said a group called the Octarians will serve as the main antagonists. The Octarians will steal the "electric catfish" that is used to power the city that the inklings live in. The inklings will rally together to defeat the Octarians in order to get the electric catifsh back for their city. In other words, another typical zany Nintendo story that will probably take a backseat to the gameplay.


Olcsvary also discussed the game's customization options, the Turf War multiplayer and noted that the game has proved to have a pretty easy learning curve for new players so far. The rep unsurprisingly said that Nintendo is "pumped" for its new franchise and that he feels the fact that Splatoon's development team is a bit younger and less experienced helped with creating a game concept that is quite different than other titles.

All things considered, it seems that Splatoon was a pretty big hit at PAX East. It will be interesting to see if the game's multiplayer is engaging enough to keep players hooked for the long term though. One of the reasons Call of Duty and Halo are so successful is that the multiplayer in those titles is good enough to keep players hooked for years, even if some of the games don't have the best single player campaigns. Splatoon is clearly a different animal, but its multiplayer will likely still be the element that decides whether Nintendo has a new franchise or just one new game.

Splatoon will release on the Wii U in May 2015.

Sources: Shack News

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