A NeoGAF user uncovers a tweet from NerdLeaks stating that Sony is working on an ‘Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project’, and a trailer will probably be shown during E3 2016.

Spiderman has not had the best track record when it comes to video game appearances. Not only has the character appeared in some merely-average Marvel superhero team-up titles, Spiderman‘s own solo games were merely good-not-great at the best of times. When Activision pulled a number of Marvel superhero games from digital download services without explanation a couple of years ago, it seemed like Spiderman‘s time in video games was over. But if a recent leak is to be believed, it appears that a brand new Spiderman game may be coming out soon.

NeoGAF user vsaintlo uncovered a tweet from NerdLeaks, which stated that “Sony is working at “Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project””, and fans can expect a trailer at E3 2016. No other details have been revealed beyond that tweet, and the existence of this hypothetical Spiderman PS4 game should be taken with a large grain of salt, but vsaintlo does bring up a number of good theories on how this project could have came to fruition.

With Sony securing a deal to have Spiderman join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, vsaintlo speculates that this agreement may include the rights for a Spiderman video game. But the most interesting part of vsaintlo’s theory is that Infamous developers Sucker Punch may be working on the Spiderman PS4 project.

This theory does make some sense as Sucker Punch has worked exclusively with Sony for a number of years now. Considering that it also did a great job with the free-running mechanics in the acclaimed Infamous: Second Sonhaving the developer make its own open-world version of Spiderman‘s Manhattan seems like the perfect fit.

Given that no news has come out on any future Sucker Punch projects since the release of the Infamous First Light DLC, perhaps the developer has indeed been working on a secret Spiderman project for the last few years. Seeing as how it’s been quite some time since we last saw a good Spiderman game, and taking into account Sucker Punch’s track record of producing great games, the pieces are lining for what might be an interesting Spiderman comeback this year.

Should these rumors turn out to be true, perhaps this time the final product will be more akin to the excellent Batman: Arkham trilogy, and less like those not-so-excellent Amazing Spiderman film tie-ins.

Source: Twitter (via NeoGAF Forums)