New Silent Hills Details Make Game's Cancellation Hurt Even More

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Gaming industry legend Hideo Kojima is no stranger to unique gameplay experiences or subverting player expectations with his games. He's never been afraid to add cinematic length cutscenes into his games or applying ordinary everyday concepts like delivering packages and crafting it into a grand AAA experience. As fans have been finding out over the past few weeks, his last game with Konami, Silent Hills, was shaping up to be something incredibly groundbreaking. Even though the game has been cancelled for years now, new details continue to surface.

The latest tidbit comes from Alanah Pearce, formerly of IGN and current producer at Funhaus and Inside Gaming. After posting a clip of her talking about a Half-Life VR game well in advance of Valve's Half-Life: Alyx reveal from earlier today, a fan asks her for previously unknown information about Konami's canceled horror game, Silent Hills. Alanah's response revealed that she was once told Silent Hills would require fans to sign a waiver before playing due to how the game would interact with the player.

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According to her source, interactions would include things like getting emails or text messages from characters in the game even when not playing. How often this would happen or if players could opt out isn't known, but this certainly would be something completely unique for Kojima.

To be fair, this revelation may in fact have been completely untrue as Alanah goes on to reveal later on in the thread. She admits to believing it when she was first told years ago, but looking back it almost sounds too good to be true. Still, Hideo Kojima is known to really push boundaries and think outside the box so anything is possible when it comes to his games, especially after fans discovered even more creepy aspects to Silent Hills like the camera tricks the demo utilized years after its cancellation.

Even after venturing out on his own, Hideo Kojima continued his risk taking with the recently released Death Stranding. The game has polarized critics and fans alike by bringing a ton of new ideas and unique elements such as using a baby to detect hostile spirits in the world. Players have to make package deliveries across the game's world, build objects like shelters and bridges which can be used by other players, and even using bodily fluids to make ammo and grenades.

Silent Hills was in development for unspecified platforms.

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