The Hits Don't Stop: New Rock Band 3 & Dance Central Songs

Rock Band 3 Singer

Just a few days ago, we let you know about five more bands added to Rock Band 3's already impressive collection of artists. Now, we can add a sixth band to that list, and we know which songs each band has contributed to the game.

With just about three months left until Rock Band 3 hits store shelves,  Harmonix still has a fair amount of time to continue parceling out these little bits of information. I can't help but wonder, though, just how long it will be until the full list of artists and tracks is made public. Until then, have a look at the latest additions:

  • Marilyn Manson — “The Beautiful People
  • Filter — “Hey Man, Nice Shot
  • Foreigner — “Cold As Ice
  • Def Leppard — “Foolin’
  • The B-52s — “Rock Lobster
  • Tears For Fears — “Everybody Wants To Rule The World

As Game Rant's full time Professor of Musical Geekery, I can't help but sound off on these tracks. Though Rock Band has shown a real willingness to embrace obscure artists and songs with its weekly DLC, the game's on-disc music tends to stay a little closer to the middle of the road (which reminds me, they should really include The Pretenders' "Middle of the Road"), and that is certainly reflected in this batch of tunes.

"The Beautiful People" is the Marylin Manson song, just as "Rock Lobster" is the B-52's song. If you're going to include anything from either of those bands, these are the songs you've got to choose. That said, I would have greatly preferred the B-52's early MTV favorite "Legal Tender."

I'm glad Harmonix went with "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" over "Shout" (though the drum part on the latter would have been fun to play). "Cold As Ice" is a fine choice for Foreigner, though "Double Vision" would have been just as good. Filter? I'm not sure they had to be in there at all.

Now. Def Leppard. This is, shockingly enough, the very first Def Leppard song ever in a Rock Band game. I wish it was "Photograph." It should be "Photograph." Why isn't it "Photograph?" Still, "Foolin'" is probably a better choice than almost everything else. Except "Rock of Ages."

Dance Central

Of course, Rock Band is no longer Harmonix's only music game. A few new tracks got announced for Dance Central as well, and here they are:

  • Snoop Dogg — “Drop It Like Its Hot
  • Salt-N-Pepa — “Push It
  • Young MC — “Bust A Move

I have much less to say about these. They seem completely appropriate for the game they're in. Again, if you're going to put Young MC and Salt-N-Pepa songs in your dance game, then these are the right songs to pick.

Dance Central continues to look like the Kinect game to beat. As a hopeless music game junkie, I can't wait to see what other tracks are included - in both games.

What other songs would you like to see included in Rock Band 3 and Dance Central? I'll get you started: for Rock Band 3, I'd pick "Star Sign" by Teenage Fanclub.

Rock Band 3 tears the house down October 26, 2010, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS.Dance Central blows the roof off this November, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Source: G4TV

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