New Resident Evil 7 Demo Coming in December


A new cryptic teaser releases for Resident Evil 7, revealing that the game's third playable demo entitled "Resident Evil" will be released very soon.

Resident Evil 7 has spooked plenty of gamers with its two demos thus far, and it looks like one more is on its way. A new teaser for the game has now revealed that at a new playable demo is coming.

The newest video is the tenth and last of Resident Evil 7's series of short teasers that Capcom has been releasing since the game was revealed. The teaser is as brief and cryptic as the others, revisiting the tune that was played during the E3 2016 trailer for Resident Evil 7, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody." This time, however, the song is faintly heard in the form of a hum, as the playable protagonist slowly approaches a woman in a wheelchair. She stops humming and slowly turns her head to look at the player before the teaser cuts away to an announcement revealing that a new demo will be released in December.

The demo is currently being referred to as Tape 3 "Resident Evil," but Capcom has only announced the release month, not an exact date. Capcom's initial "Beginning Hour" demo for Resident Evil 7 didn't contain any gameplay from the actual game, but as Resident Evil 7's release date approaches, chances are Capcom will take this opportunity to reveal more about what will transpire during the actual game. However, it's unclear whether this teaser or any of the teasers before it contain content taken from the demo, but players can at least expect that the demo will contain thematically-similar content.


Capcom seems confident that its viral marketing techniques for the game are going to pay off. The company is estimating that Resident Evil 7 will sell 4 million copies at launch. This is a fairly optimistic estimate in comparison to the performance of recent Resident Evil titles. Capcom believed that Resident Evil 6 could potentially reach 7 million copies sold, but it performed poorly and didn't fulfill Capcom's sale predictions. Resident Evil 5 managed to sell 5.8 million copies, but it took over two years to reach that number, in part due to the game's excessive emphasis on combat and poor AI creating a frustrating single-player experience.

Many fans are still questioning exactly how the cannibalistic Baker family is tied to prior Resident Evil games, and the developer is still keeping quiet on the subject. With just months left until its release, perhaps this demo will shed a little light on Resident Evil 7's story.

Resident Evil 7 will release on January 24th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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