New Releases November 28 Through December 4, 2010

New Releases November 28 through December 4, 2010

This is it. The final new release list for November, 2010, includes the final major console title of the holiday season, as Disney Epic Mickey completes its long journey to retail. A few other games are along for the ride, but it's Mickey's show this week.

In a way, this is good news. At last, players are free from speculating about the relative merits of upcoming titles and can turn their minds to the task of deciding which of the  many fantastic games released this season they'd most like to buy or -- even better -- receive as gifts. There is no shortage of games to choose from, but precious little time left to compose wish lists, so get right to it.

Take a look at the new releases for November 28 through December 4, 2010, broken out by platform and date.


  • Create 11/30
  • Super Meat Boy 11/30

Microsoft Xbox 360

  • Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos 11/29
  • nail'd 11/30
  • Unbound Saga 12/1
  • Who's That Flying?! One More Go! 11/30

Nintendo DS

  • 7 Wonders II 11/29
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 11/29
  • Frenzic 11/30
  • Shawn Johnson Gymnastics 11/30
  • WinX Club: Rockstars 11/30

Nintendo Wii

  • Airport Mania: First Flight 11/29
  • Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos 11/29
  • Sniper Elite 11/29
  • Disney Epic Mickey 11/30
  • Hello Kitty Seasons 11/30


  • Dungeon Defenders 11/30
  • EVE Online: Incursion 11/30
  • Mystery P.I. New York 11/30
  • nail'd 11/30
  • RUSH 12/3
  • SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny 11/30
  • Super Meat Boy 11/30

Sony PlayStation 3

  • Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos 11/29
  • Dead Nation 11/30
  • Dora's Big Birthday Adventure 11/30
  • Funky Lab Rat 11/30
  • nail'd 11/30

As the last major console game of 2010, Disney Epic Micky has the field pretty much to itself this week. The long-in-development collaboration between Warren Miller's Junction Point Studios and Walt Disney Interactive Entertainment has had its troubles, with a notably poor public reaction to early examples of the game's graphics. The developers have made some ambitious claims about the game since that time, including that it is now the best looking game on the Wii. Can it live up to the hype? We'll find out when Disney Epic Mickey releases November 30, 2010.

It's a good week to be a handheld RPG fan thanks to Golden Sun Dark Dawn, the first game in Camelot Software's stellar Golden Sun series since 2003's Game Boy Advance game Golden Sun: The Lost Age. If the game's trailer is anything to go by, Dark Sun looks to be a faithful update to the series. Golden Sun Dark Dawn will be in stores November 29, 2010.

In other news, over-the-top off-road racer nail'd has the tough job of hitting store shelves a week after Gran Turismo 5. The excellent adventures of Super Meat Boy make the move to PC and Mac, bringing the frustration to a whole new audience. And the gorgeous zombie blast-a-thon that is Dead Nation (check out our review) comes to PSN.

As always, we want to hear from you. What games are you picking up this week? Looking back, what do you think are the best games released this season?

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