New Releases March 6 Through 12, 2011

New Releases March 6 Through 12, 2011

It may only be the first week of March, but the month is already coming on strong. A few weeks back it was a battle between rival shooters when Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm were released on the same day. This week, no fewer than three role playing games are vying for attention, as are two baseball sims.

By now, Pokemon Black and White are already in the hands of millions of players. We are only a day away from the release of Bioware's Dragon Age 2, not to mention its first expansion, and Torchlight brings Microsoft's XBLA House Party to a crescendo. Don't forget about the yearly showdown between 2K's Major League Baseball and Sony's The Show.

All that and more will be making its retail debut this week. Take a look at the new releases for March 6 through 12, 2011, broken out by platform and date.


Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo DS

  • Pokemon Black Version 3/6
  • Pokemon White Version 3/6
  • GO Series: Earth Saver 3/7
  • G.G Series: Horizontal Bar 3/7
  • Atari's Greatest Hits Volume 2 3/8
  • Beastly Frantic Foto 3/8
  • Major League Baseball 2K11 3/8
  • Petz Bunnyz Bunch 3/8

Nintendo Wii

  • Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3/7
  • The $1,000,000 Pyramid 3/8
  • Major League Baseball 2K11 3/8
  • Maximum Racing: Drag & Stock Racer 3/10
  • Maximum Racing: GP Classic Racing 3/10


Sony PlayStation 2

  • Major League Baseball 2K11 3/8
  • MLB 11: The Show 3/8

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PSP

  • Major League Baseball 2K11 3/8
  • MLB 11: The Show 3/8
  • Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle 3/8

As the most radical update the series has ever seen, and as the last major DS games to release before the 3DS hits store shelves, Pokemon Black and White certainly have high expectations to live up to. That they may become the best selling games in the series, having moved 2.6 million copies in their first week of Japanese release, is encouraging, as is their extensive assortment of new Pokemon. Don't go into battle with out checking out Game Rant's guide to the Top 5 Coolest Pokemon in Black and White, and don't forget to check back with us for the final word on the games. Pokemon Black and White are available now for the Nintendo DS.

The first Dragon Age was a PC-centric point and click affair that left some action hungry gamers out in the cold. Not so with its sequel. Dragon Age 2 is the all-hacking all-slashing experience many were hoping the first game would be, while still maintaining Bioware's legacy of immersive, interactive storytelling. The new character rivalries system sounds like a real improvement, and the available character classes should add to the game's re-playability. Dragon Age 2 comes to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, and PC March 8, 2011.

On the PC, Torchlight sat squarely in the tradition of dungeon crawling, point and click loot fests such as Diablo. That genre has been sorely underrepresented on consoles, and this week Microsoft hopes to rectify the imbalance by releasing a new, console optimized version of Runic Games' flagship title. Though the absence of multiplayer remains a disappointment, the loot-hungry among us are still apt to find a lot to like here. Torchlight releases March 9, 2011, for the Xbox 360.

As always, we want to hear from you. Which of this week's games will you be picking up? What games on the horizon are you most looking forward to?

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