New Releases February 6 Through 12, 2011

New Releases February 6 Through 12, 2011

As we roll on into February, the pace of game releases continues to slowly accelerate back up to something approaching a respectable clip. With Valentines Day just around the corner, publisher no doubt want to ensure the availability of gifts other than chocolate and flowers.

A number of noteworthy titles ship this week, headlined by the latest Nintendo published Wii game, Mario Sports Mix. Alongside Mario and his athletically inclined associates, Atari is taking another stab at the racing/opulent lifestyle combo with Test Drive Unlimited 2, and the good people at Double Fine grace us with their latest downloadable title, Stacking.

Of course, there are many more titles than that on offer this week. Take a look at the new releases for February 6 through 12, 2011, broken out by platform and date.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii


Sony PlayStation 3

Though it hit store shelves with relatively little fanfare, Mario Sports Mix has every chance of following Wii Sports Resort into the realm of blockbuster Wii exclusives. The game is comprised of four sports (hockey, basketball, volleyball or dodgeball) playable in three game modes (party, exhibition, and tournament), and filled with twelve classic Nintendo characters (that we know of). Mario Sports Mix may be just the thing for Wii owners to shake off the winter doldrums, and it's available right now.

It was a great holiday for racing games, with both Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5 catering to the whims of those gamers who like to go fast. Now Atari is bringing out the first real racing title of 2011, Eden Games' Test Drive Unlimited 2. The game really sets itself apart from the competition by allowing players "unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accoutrements of a luxurious international lifestyle." Of course, all that will be for nothing if the game's actual driving model isn't significantly improved over what was offered with the previous Test Drive Unlimited. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be available February 8, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Last, but by no means least, comes Double Fine's Stacking. Few developers today command the kind of loyalty that Tim Schafer's studio inspires, and many gamers are looking forward to Stacking based on reputation alone. That the game has a genuinely unique visual approach and a clever premise certainly doesn't hurt, nor does the fact that Stacking will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Stacking will be available for PlayStation 3 on February 8, 2011, and one day later on the Xbox 360.

As always, we want to hear from you. What games are you planning to pick up this week? What games on the horizon are you most looking forward to?

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