If you’ve been following our Twitter account recently, you’ll know that, here at Game Rant, we’re incredibly hyped for Red Dead Redemption. Since our initial hands-on preview last month, our anticipation has been growing by the day and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final copy.

So, we thought ourselves pretty lucky when, earlier today, Rockstar were kind enough to show off a new trailer for the title, entitled ‘Revolution‘. When you watch the trailer, it’s pretty clear why they chose such a title and needless to say, it looks pretty damned cool.

Check out the trailer after the jump:

Normally here at Game Rant, this is where we’d sign off with a witty one-liner, something akin to “… and after we’re done with you, you’ll be riding home without the clothes you came in on.” But not today! No, thanks to the Spanish website 3D Juegos, we have some more juicy details to add to the rapidly growing list;

Three Territories to Explore

In Red Dead Redemption, you’ll be able to trawl through New Austin, New Paradise and West Elizabeth. Think that sounds like a lot? Well, that leads directly to our next point…

Huge Scope

According to Dan Houser, Vice President of Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption‘s world will be twice the size of the world within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now, I’m all for a bit of scope, but that seems pretty damned big to me…

Skippable Missions

Let’s face it. The bank mission in GTA IV was a little daunting, even to the best of players. Which is why, with Red Dead Redemption, if you fail a mission more than three or four times, you’ll be offered to the chance to skip the mission and continue the story.

Other Cool Tidbits

You’ll be able to buy and sell anything and everything that you acquire on your travels, including Horses and other various items.
In case the whole ‘traveling’ thing gets a bit too much for you, you can opt to go to the local cinema and watch a movie. In silence of course, this is still the Wild West we’re talking about here.

And, much like GTA IV, your ‘Wanted’ (Dead or Alive, naturally) indicator will turn red whenever you misbehave, so if you want to stay in the green, you gotta keep it clean.

All of this latest news has me incredibly hyped for Red Dead Redemption. I know that, here at Game Rant, we’re going to be creating a posse to take on y’all yellowbelly scaredycats out there, so watch those TV sets, eh?

Are you looking forward to Red Dead Redemption? Will you be traveling those mountains high, those valleys low, those rivers wide just to experience all that Rockstar have to have? Lord knows none of them can keep me, keep me from you. Let us know in the comments below.

Red Dead Redemption is set to hit stores on May 18th in North America and the 21st in Europe, for both Xbox 360 and PS3.