New 'Rage' Trailer Gives Us a Brief Look at Gameplay

RAGE Weapons Revealed in Trailer

Ranking at number ten on Game Rant's list of the 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2011, id Software's Rage is certainly one game to look out for. We already know that id has been touting how amazing their new id Tech 5 engine is, an engine which is exclusive to Bethesda-published titles, and we have seen an off-shoot game released for the iOS which utilizes it.

What we haven't really seen much of, besides a few demos at E3, is actual Rage gameplay. Thanks to Bethesda just releasing a new trailer, we get a brief look at some gunplay, and some other interesting mechanics that the game will feature.

We already know that Rage is a first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but what we haven't seen is how the structure of the game will play out. We could be seeing the start of a mission in this trailer. About 43 seconds into the video a man wearing a sheriff's badge starts describing how justice is a thing of the past and he believes "someone can set things right again, and maybe your the man for the job." We already know that the game features drivable vehicles that you can upgrade, so could we be seeing a mission structure similar to Borderlands or Red Dead Redemption?

The trailer also shows off some interesting weapons that stand out from the typical FPS load-out of machine guns. We briefly see that you can wield a knife boomerang-type weapons similar to that what that ratty kid was throwing around in the movie The Road Warrior, pilot an exploding RC car like in Black Ops, and control some type of robot spider. These weapons, while not exactly original, will hopefully add something to the combat to make it stand out from all the other shooters coming to the market this year like Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever.


While I am certainly excited for Rage, I still think it looks a tad similar to what will be Borderlands 2. I imagine Rage will be more of a story and mission based game than Borderlands - with infinitely superior visuals and gun mechanics - but from what little id and Bethesda have shown we don't really know. There are certainly a lot of questions that still need answered: How will the story progression be handled? Is it an open world game, or something like Mafia 2 where there is an open world but you are just funneled through a defined path? And with id's last big game being Doom 3, have they learned to create a quality play experience, or will it be another tech-demo showing off their new engine?

With Rage set to hit all the major systems on September 13th, we shouldn't have to wait much longer to get our hands on it. Readers, what are your thoughts on this new trailer? Does it look impressive or are you just seeing a prettier looking Borderlands?

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