There really shouldn’t have been any doubt another Prince of Persia but the good folks behind Jerry Bruckheimer’s production team are on the brink of announcing a new game to be released with their new movie in 2010 while Ubisoft remains silent. ¬†Although no official announcement has been made, the gaming blogs are abuzz with rumors about what the new game will be like.

Judging by the recently-released trailer for the film, the movie looks like it may be yet another inadequate adaptation of the bare bones of the game’s original storyline. It will likely be a special effects clusterfrak with a tiny dash of a plot to explain the action and a hopelessly overblown love story to try to entice your girlfriend to go with you.

Hopefully, the tie-in game will be developed in Ubisoft’s capable hands. As we’ve seen with other movie/game adaptations, the production teams are often rushed through the process of creating a quality video game, leaving behind a mess of bugs and tons of unrealized potential. Take for example, every James Bond game released since Goldeneye for the N64. If Ubisoft keeps creative control and can create a more thorough backstory for the movie then maybe the two can work together in a more marketable and entertaining package – like we saw with this summer’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The new Prince of Persia game has not even been officially announced yet so there is no title or release date to give you yet. We’ll keep you posted as details continue to pop up.

What do you think of games made from movies? Are there any examples of good games that we’ve missed? Are you looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft has tumbling towards us now? I’m very curious to see if they can match the smashing success of their first outing with the Prince of Persia. Perhaps they can reinvent the series one more time by hitting that handy rewind button.