This past weekend has been a good one for Pokemon fans. After CoroCoro magazine revealed four new monsters, several new mechanics, and a glimpse at the new region featured in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, there was more than enough new information for fans to take in and use as fuel to ignite their excitement for the titles later this year. Now The Pokemon Company has even more to offer wannabe Pokemon Masters in the form of a new trailer and assets for the games.

The trailer, which is prominently on display above, shows off various new aspects of the tweaks that are present in Pokemon X and Y. First and foremost, the new area in which the games take place is called the Kalos Region, and its major city is known as Lumiose City. The new region draws much of its design inspiration from France — with Lumiose City acting as Paris — and it even features an Eiffel Tower-like structure that’s set to become “an iconic structure” within the confines of the titles.

A new location to explore is a welcomed addition to the world of Pokemon, but the thrill of collecting new creatures in an eternal quest to catch ’em all is one of the main reasons fans play the new games. It’s safe to say that new monsters will play a big role in X and Y, and The Pokemon Company has officially released details on four of the previously confirmed Pokemon that were announced in the latest issue of CoroCoro.

Helioptile: “The cowardly Pokémon Helioptile, a Normal- and Electric-type Pokémon, can generate enough electricity through sunbathing to power machinery. But wise Trainers won’t be deterred by Helioptile’s lack of bravery. It knows Parabolic Charge, a brand-new move where Helioptile attacks everything around it. Helioptile’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by those hit.”

Fletchling: “Fletchling, a Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon, sings with a beautiful chirp that is sure to delight any Trainer. Although it is known to be very friendly, Fletchling will suddenly unleash relentless attacks once it’s in battle. For example, when it uses its Fire-type move Flame Charge in battle, in addition to doing damage, Fletchling’s Speed increases every time.”

Pancham: “With a leaf always in its mouth and an intimidating glare that is rarely effective, Fighting-type Pokémon Pancham shows its playful side when it lets out a little smile when its head is pat. Pancham can learn a brand-new move, Parting Shot, which not only lowers an opponent’s Attack and Special Attack, but also allows Pancham to switch out for another Pokémon in a Trainer’s party during battle.”

Gogoat: “Pokémonand Pokémon Y introduce a new method of transportation–riding the brand-new Pokémon, Gogoat. This large Grass-type Pokémon is a reliable way to travel certain parts of Lumiose City. In battle, it can use Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage dealt by this move.”

Pokemon X Y Trailer

Gogoat is the only Pokemon of the four that retained its original Japanese name, but there will be some major changes more substantial than simple name changes in the new pair of games. For one, the Pokedex has now been broken up into three different parts that are sorted by three unique areas found within the Kalos Region. This means that there are likely a ridiculous number of monsters to capture this time around, but whether they’re all new or a mixture of past generations is still to be determined.

Accompanying the new art and in-game images depicting Helioptile, Fletchling, Pancham, and Gogoat was a heap of new art that highlights the beauty of the new region and the sleek new Pokedex. While those are a great way to get an idea of what the final product will look like, it’s the box art that was included in the official press release that’s big news for those who can’t wait to see it on the shelves of their local video game retailer.

There are still plenty of secrets that the games’ developer, Game Freak, has yet to reveal, and those should be arriving in the not too distant future. E3 2013 may act as a platform to show off even more of Pokemon X and Y, but traditionally the Pokemon franchise has shied away from E3 for reasons unknown. Regardless, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo will continue to reveal new tidbits about the next iteration of the super successful series, and Game Rant will be around to cover it all as it happens.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are scheduled to be appearing on store shelves around the world this October, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

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