Gamers fond of the beloved Pokemon franchise have been bursting at the seams in anticipation of the upcoming pair of Pocket Monster titles. Yes, fans of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are understandably excited for the eventual release of both games later this year, but there hasn’t been much new information released on the games at all.

Fortunately, trainers learned yesterday that news on the games were scheduled to hit very soon, but no one thought that scans from Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro, containing new details on Pokemon X and Y, would emerge in such a short time span.

The latest CoroCoro is packed with new details about the forthcoming Pokemon games, and it shows off four never before seen monsters that’ll be making their debut in X and Y. Not too much is known about the new creatures, not even their English names, but their stats and types have been clarified by Game Freak in the publication.

Other than the latest additions to the Pokedex, the name of the new region in which both games take place was finally given its official Japanese title. Known as the Karos Region, the entire area has drawn most of its influence from France, which explains why there was an Eiffel Tower-looking structure that appeared in the games’ reveal trailer. Players will also, at long last, be able to alter their trainers’ look slightly with options to select the avatar’s skin tone and hair color; marking another first for the series.

Furthermore, the previously mentioned Gogoat can also be rode around by players — which may allude to the removal of bikes in favor of riding actual Pokemon this time around. Gogoat can also learn a special move known as ‘Horn Leech’, while Elikiteru can learn ‘Parabola Charge’ (an attack that damages opponents and restores the health of the user), Yayakoma can learn ‘Flame Charge’, and Yancham can learn ‘Parting Remark’ (a move that lowers the stats of a hostile monster).

6th Generation Pokemon

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that, accompanying the heaps of new information, the official box art for Pokemon X and Y can be seen in one of the scans. The boxes prominently display the legendary Xerneas and Yveltal (the two expected cover stars), and they do a rather snazzy job of spicing up what was offered on the traditional covers that the series has had.

Pokemon X and Y look to be coming along nicely judging by the new screenshots. That said, it would be nice to get some fresh footage of the games actually running on the 3DS rather than more character art, but more new details on the games are definitely better than nothing. More information should be arriving next week after a new episode of Pokemon Smash airs in Japan, so be ready for additional information — and maybe even English names for the new pokes — later this month.

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Source: Serebii

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are scheduled to hit the Nintendo 3DS this October.