More Pokemon & Mega Forms Revealed for ‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’

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The Pokemon Company released a plethora of information this morning, confirming the English names and additional details for several Pocket Monsters that were prematurely unveiled after the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro leaked online. Fans are now familiar with the identity and look of the evolutions for the starters in Pokemon X and Y, but the Nintendo-owned subsidiary had plenty of other noteworthy creatures to unveil as well.

First and foremost, The Pokemon Company revealed that Mewtwo would receive more than just one Mega Evolution — officially pulling the curtain off of Mega Mewtwo X. Depending on which version of the game players pick up, they’ll be able to temporarily evolve the original Legendary into either the previously unveiled Mega Mewtwo Y or the newly announced X variant. A special item called Mewtwonite X is the stone required to make Mewtwo evolve into its new Fighting/Psychic form (it’s exclusive to Pokemon X), while Mewtwonite Y is required to evolve the beast to another form and greatly enhance its Special Attack stat (it’s only available in Pokemon Y).

Also confirmed to receive a Mega Evolution is none other than the Ground/Dragon-type Garchomp. The new form, appropriately titled Mega Garchomp, greatly increases the creature’s Attack and Special Attack stats, making it an incredible ferocious monster on the battlefield.

New Pokemon X Y Mega Mewtwo

Accompanying these Mega Evolution announcements are a number of new Pokemon and details pertaining to the story that’ll be present in Pokemon X and Y. One of the bigger announcements was that, for the first time in the franchise’s history, players will be able to fully customize the look of a Pokemon in battle. This creature, Furfrou, resembles a poodle and must have its coat groomed on occasion or else it’ll return to its original, shaggy appearance. It’s also capable of learning a new attack titled ‘Baby-Doll Eyes’, which allows Furfrou to attack first regardless of its Speed stat.

Joining the poodle-based Pokemon is the cat-like creature Meowstic, and it’s gender heavily effects the way players will use it. Meowstic is a Psychic-type and it’ll learn different moves depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl. For example, the male variant is capable of learning a move called ‘Miracle Eye’, while females can be taught the Extrasensory attack.

Pyroar is another new monster that can be found roaming the Kalos region, and it’s form will vary depending on it gender. Males will have a full mane of hair-like fire protruding from its neck, but females will only be gifted with a fire mow-hawk. As the evolved form of Litleo, this Fire-type Savanna cat can pack a seriously devastating punch.

Last but not least, the latest pair of extinct fossil Pokemon awaiting resurrection in X and Y have been confirmed. Tyrunt, the tyrannosaurus Pokemon, is a Rock/Dragon hybrid that should have no problem finding a spot on players’ teams given the sheer novelty that accompanies owning a T-rex. Meanwhile, Amaura, the brontosaur-like monster, is a Rock/Ice-type that’s sure to be a hit with those who enjoy cutesy (yet powerful) Pokemon.

A few details on Team Flare, the antagonistic group debuting in X and Y, were also confirmed. The new faction is comprised of four women (Celosia, Aliana, Bryony, and Mable) and a bizarre looking man named Xerosic. Every member of the organization is a scientist of some sort (likely giving purpose to the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ letters featured at the end of each game title), but their intentions are unclear. Another trainer who can be found bumming around Kalos is Diantha, a famous actress that just so happens to battle with Pokemon.

With a little under a month until the release of Pokemon X and Y, there can’t be too many more details that Game Freak will want to make public until post-release. That said, gamers are still eager to see more new Pokemon and Mega Evolutions, of which there’s sure to be plenty.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hit the Nintendo 3DS later this year on October 12th.

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