It’s been somewhat of a slow year for fans of Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise thus far, but things are scheduled to pick up in a big way pretty soon. Not only will trainers be able to head to their local GameStop to nab the fabled Meloetta later next month, but the Big N also has plans to release Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity this March on the Nintendo 3DS. On top of that, there are two brand new games, Pokemon X and Y, scheduled to launch later this year.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will finally provide players with the 3D Pocket Monster games they’ve always wanted, but — aside from the starter and Legendary Pokemon featured within the games — not much is currently known about what’s planned for the next core installments in the series. It’s been a long wait for gamers who’ve been eagerly anticipating more details since X and Y were revealed in early January, but some news is now officially forthcoming and should arrive later this week.

The latest episode of Pokemon Smash (the same Japanese television show that revealed Pokemon Black 2 and White 2) has confirmed that new Pokemon X and Y details will be revealed during the next show. To accompanying the games’ grand debut on Japanese television, the Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro will also feature some details on the pair of titles.

Scans of CoroCoro have a habit of leaking prior to the release of the actual publication, so fans can expect the new details to hit at almost any point before this Wednesday. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant to catch any new information on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as soon as it becomes available.

Pokemon X and Y are scheduled for a worldwide release on the Nintendo 3DS later this October.

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Source: Nintendo Everything