The Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel release a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing 7 brand-new creatures that will feature in the upcoming games.

Exciting news for Pokemon fans, as the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has released a new trailer for upcoming titles Pokemon Sun and Moon, showing off 7 brand-new creatures in their native region of Aloha.

First up for a reveal is Tapu Koko, the Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon. This creature was hinted at during the Sun and Moon portion of the E3 Treehouse live event and is the guardian of Meremere Island. Next up is the Bug/Electric Pokemon Charjabug. What many are calling a box with eyes, Charjabug is reportedly the evolved form of Grubbin and has one more known evolution at its disposal.

pokemon tapu koko charjabug

Vikavolt is that evolution and is, as expected, a fellow Bug/Electric-type. It seems that Charjabug is something of a cocoon state as Vikavolt has grown wings and limbs, as well as some impressive pincers. Following those insects is the goofy looking Drampa, perhaps a play on Dragon and Grampa. Drampa is a Normal/Dragon-type with the Frenzy ability which appears to raise the creature’s stats when it reaches low health.

pokemon vikavolt and drampa

The first Pokemon revealed so far for Sun and Moon that is likely to be caught with a rod, Bruxish is a Water-Psychic type with the Dazzle ability. As freakish as this fish is, it is not shown packing much of a punch in the trailer. The next creature in the spotlight is Cutiefly, a tiny winged-insect that might be the daintiest Pokemon yet. Cutiefly is Bug/Fairy-type and we can only hope it has an amazing-looking evolution.

pokemon bruxish and cutiefly

This next design might not seem to be the most original design in Pokemon, but we’re sure it’s unique in its own ways. Togedemaru is an Electric mouse, similar to the greatest starter Pokemon of all time, though the creature also has a Steel-typing. It’s not the first mouse to use Electric attacks, and it’s not the second or third either but it’s the first to have the added benefit of being Electric/Steel-type at least.

pokemon togedemaru

The trailer concludes by showing footage of Zygarde in its new formes, as previously revealed to eager fans 3 weeks ago. The video seems to show Zygarde powering up to its Complete Forme in order to gain more health, going from 7 to 115hp in the transformation, before finishing its opponent with the powerful Core Enforcer attack.

Still months from the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we now have a range of new Pokemon revealed to us, including the legendary creatures Solgaleo and Lunala. We’re yet to see any details surrounding the game’s story, though its fair to say that the villains in these upcoming games will likely be looking to manipulate space itself for their own nefarious gains.

In terms of the Aloha region’s Pokemon, having this many revealed already might mean that there are more new creatures than were introduced in Pokemon X/Y, though we’ll have to wait a little longer to know for sure.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.