The upcoming edition of CoroCoro magazine reveals two new Pokemon via a set of leaked images, further adding to the number of obtainable creatures in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Images have leaked from the latest edition of CoroCoro magazine, showing off two new creatures that will be making their debut in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Since the announcement of the new Pokemon titles, Nintendo have been keeping quiet about what new features Sun and Moon will be bringing to the franchise, making it all the more excitement-worthy that we are finally getting to see more of the new creatures.

pokemon leak

The first new monster to be revealed is Nekkoala, the Half Awake Pokemon, which is Normal-type and is likely to be encountered near the beginning of the player’s adventure. Its ability is Definite Sleep which prevents the creature from being afflicted with a status effect other than Sleep.The second reveal is for the Puppy Pokemon Iwanko, who is Rock-type. The dog can have the ability Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. It seems Iwanko was the mysterious creature leaked in the last trailer for the upcoming games.

This isn’t all that the new magazine tells us about Pokemon Sun and Moon however, with CoroCoro also hinting that the new starter Pokemon all hide a secret. It also shows images of the upcoming 19th film installment: Pokemon Volcanion & The Ingenious Magearna. Attendees of the movie will reportedly receive a Ga-Olé disk containing a QR code which can be scanned to allow players to receive the man-made Pokemon Magearna in their copies of Sun and Moon.

With Magearna, Nekkoala, and Iwanko’s addition to the new games, as well as the three starter Pokemon and the legendary creatures, it appears that Sun and Moon will have quite the roster of new Pokemon for players to capture. We are yet to see if some of the fan-favorite monsters will be making their return or whether The Pokemon Company has created enough new ideas that they can go without, though seeing a mixture of the two like in Pokemon X and Y would act as a great incentive for older fans to rejoin the franchise.

Already, fans are beginning to want to play Pokemon again and very little has been revealed for the games, other than their tropical setting and a handful of new creatures. We’ll likely see new information surfacing at E3 in a matter of days, so stay tuned for all the latest Pokemon details as we cover the event live.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.

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