New ‘Pokemon’ Game Teased for Wii U?

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During the hustle and bustle of a recent convention in Japan, The Pokemon Company released a new promotional trailer for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The trailer in question shows the evolution of the entire Pocket Monster franchise, beginning with Pokemon Red/Green/Blue and building up through the series’ many core installments, spin-offs, TCG aspects, tretta collectibles, and finally with the new pair of games arriving on 3DS later this year.

The nostalgia-inducing build up to Pokemon X and Y was then followed with what appears to be a teaser for a currently unannounced Pokemon game for the Nintendo Wii U.

It’s not immediately apparent just what the game is, but it features both Lucario and Blaziken in a heated stare-down in the middle of a city street. Both Pokemon don’t appear in their newly announced Mega Evolutions, but the fact that it is both of these monsters does give credence to theories that the game is likely a new iteration of the Pokemon Stadium series for the Nintendo Wii U.

Pokemon Wii U

Traditionally new portable installments are accompanied by a console game that allows trainers to bring their creatures to life within wondrous 3D battles. That said, since 3D battles are now the norm in Pokemon X and Y, it begs the question of whether or not a Stadium-esque game is even necessary.

Another possibility is a new game similar to Pokemon Coliseum or XD Gale of Darkness; better yet an entirely new adventure that ditches the task of freeing shadow Pokemon and simply brings the core portable experience to consoles. While speculation is sure to run rampant, it’s a safe bet that the game isn’t the long awaited Pokemon MMO that gamers have been clamouring for for years.

What do you think the mysterious new Pokemon game is, Ranters?

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available for Nintendo 3DS on October 12th.

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Source: Serebii