New 'Pokemon' Game Being Announced in January

CoroCoro Pokemon Game Reveal

In just two days, Japanese gamers at Jump Festa will bear witness to some allegedly new, big and exciting Pokemon announcement. While the odds of a new installment in the extremely popular franchise being revealed at the event seems highly unlikely, it's recently come to our attention that the announcement may soon be overshadowed by an impending new Pokemon game reveal less than a month after the one this Sunday.

Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro claims that they have the world exclusive on a currently unannounced Pocket Monster title in their January issue. This particular issue of CoroCoro is scheduled to be released on January 14th, 2012, but as is the case for most magazine exclusives, information usually gets out prior to the issue's official shelf date.

There are absolutely no hints pertaining to what the new game may be, and whether or not it will be an adventure game or another spin-off like Pokemon Rumble Blast. Fans can likely expect a new game for the Nintendo 3DS, and if we were betting men at Game Rant, we would say that it'll be Pokemon Gray for the 3D-enabled handheld. Of course, that's just speculation at the moment, but the fact that the web domain for Pokemon Gray was recently registered may offer a little insight into what Nintendo has planned next for their monster-filled juggernaut.

The game may also be something completely new. Maybe The Pokemon Company is finally giving gamers Pokemon Stadium 3 after all these years, or maybe we'll even see a Pokemon Snap that utilizes the AR capabilities of the 3DS. Those seem like long shots, so we'd stick to Pokemon Gray making its debut in one form or another; porting the game to the 3DS, adding some new features, and upping the resolution doesn't by any means sound like a bad idea to us.

2012 is slowly creeping closer with each passing day, and it's a very short matter of time until we see what Nintendo has planned next for the Pokemon franchise. Keep checking Game Rant for news on the next big Pokemon title as soon as it becomes available.


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Source: Serebii (via Nintendo Life)

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