New ‘Pokemon’ Game to Boldly Change Pikachu

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As many Pokemon fans are well aware, the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be appearing on store shelves later this week. Gamers have been waiting all year for the games and they’ll finally be hitting simultaneously across the globe this October 12, and with them come some big changes for the franchise. Apparently change won’t stop at the pair of 3DS-exclusives either, as it’s been announced that Pikachu is in for a major redesign in a future Pocket Monster title.

This revelation came from none other than the CEO of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekaz Ishihara, during a synopsis for an upcoming interview. The interview was conducted by NHK and is scheduled to air on Japanese television later this month — October 28th to be precise — and it’ll hopefully feature more details on this new game. The translation is pretty rough, but it does confirm that Pikachu is in for some serious change.

“In this summer, Ishihawa was in developing the game as ever see. The new game is to change the most popular game character Pikachu. However, there is a possibility to fall the popularity in a moment because Pikachu is beloved by all for long years.”

Basically, Ishihara is concerned that the popularity of Pikachu may be in jeopardy as a result of how bold this change will be. We know this unannounced game isn’t the previously mention Pokemon X and Y because development on the unannounced game only kicked off this past Summer, which means another major title (or even a spin-off) is currently in development. Signs could point to the mysterious Wii U game that surfaced a couple of months ago, but chances are this revamped design could arrive in the form of a Mega Evolution for the iconic yellow rodent.

It’s also possible that Game Freak has already begun work on Pokemon Z, as core work on X and Y likely wrapped up earlier as a result of the games entering the localization process. The Pokemon Company has something planned for Pikachu, and it won’t be much longer until fans will know what it is. For now, however, Pokemon X and Y should keep gamers more than entertained.

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Source: NHK (via NeoGAF & Serebii)