New 'Pokemon' Game Announcement Coming Next Month

New Pokemon 3DS game

Pokemon fans have certainly not been without their favourite franchise for very long. Pokemon Black and White are still less than two months old and the Pokemon Global Link just launched earlier this month, but Nintendo isn't about to let anyone suffer through a Poke-drought anytime soon. That's why it's really no surprise that word has gotten out on a new Pokemon game that is said to be coming in the very near future.

The latest news from the Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo states that their next issue, due to release next month, will feature the reveal of an unannounced Pokemon game. We've known that Nintendo is working on new Pokemon titles for the 3DS and Wii, so we expect the new game to bypass the DS system and jump onto either Nintendo's home console, the Wii, or their new handheld the Nintendo 3DS. Other than the fact that the games are coming, nobody really knows what to expect.

If I were to fathom a guess on what the new Pokemon game will be, I'd have to say that this game will likely be a spin-off for the Nintendo Wii. I say this because it's been rumored that Nintendo is planning on pulling the curtain off their next generation console at E3, and if their new console is going to be coming out at some point next year then they are going to want to wrap up development on all of their Wii games as soon as possible.

I wouldn't mind seeing what the next Pokemon games will look like on the 3DS, but if Nintendo's E3 conference is as 3DS focused as it's said to be then they will likely save the announcement for then.

If the Nintendo DS is indeed getting one last Pokemon title then we are obviously looking at another 'best of' compilation of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White — think of it as a Pokemon Grey. Game Freak did originally tell everyone not to expect anything along the lines of a Pokemon Grey, or any other games that essentially combined the other two versions, but after some incredibly exceptional sales Nintendo may have persuaded them to change their minds.

Whatever the new Pokemon game is we will know more about it when the next issue of Dengeki Nintendo releases next month, if not before then.


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