New PlayStation 4 Games To Be Announced On Launch Night

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The PlayStation 4 is only ten days away. That is an absurd thought as it only seems a few weeks ago that Sony shamed Microsoft on their E3 stage. The road to the release of the next generation has been long and full of drama, with corporate jabs and policy reversals all making for a PR war that has been fascinating to watch. Now with all that build up coming to a head, we are less than a fortnight from seeing how it all kicks off.

While supporters of the PS4 cite the console as ‘gamer’ friendly and Sony having a slew of world class studios under their blanket that promise excellent games down the line, some detractors have attacked the console’s launch library as unimpressive. There may however, be more “launch window” titles that have yet to be announced.

Sony large numbers in terms of games available later on down the line but some gamers feel that the console doesn’t have any announced titles that are marquee exclusives for the system. On the other hand, Microsoft has positioned itself with several console exclusive games that are drawing awards and interest like Titanfall.

Sony To Announce More Games

According to gaming personality Geoff Keighley, those who sided with the PlayStation 4 might be in for a surprise on the console’s launch. On Twitter Keighley announced that SpikeTV will be hosting a launch night for Sony’s new consoles and that viewers should, “Get ready for an epic night of @PlayStation world premieres and announcements.” When asked if those announcements extend to new games, he replied:


It is hard to gauge exactly how significant any game announcements will be at this point, but perhaps gamers should cool their expectations for the moment. While many will undoubtedly throw around names like Naughty Dog and The Last Guardian, Sony is positioning themselves as a big platform for indie developers. Much of their GamesCon coverage was dedicated to revealing smaller games and it is entirely possible that Sony might be doing the same again. Bigger announcements like the reintroduction of Team Ico‘s publicly dormant game and Nathan Drake’s first foray into the next generation will probably be left for shows like E3 where they can ‘put on over’ on the competition.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 releases November 15, 2013.

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