New Overwatch Hero is 'On the Horizon' Teases Game Director

Overwatch new hero tease Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan teases that a new hero is "on the horizon." The confirmation comes just a few weeks after Kaplan revealed that a new Overwatch hero is "very far along in development."

The PlayOverwatch Twitch channel recently held a stream celebrating the launch of the Overwatch Anniversary event and game director Jeff Kaplan stopped by to answer some questions. Kaplan had lots to say about upcoming content for the popular multiplayer shooter, noting that "there's also some really cool hero news just on the horizon, so hopefully people will be excited by that."

While Kaplan didn't hint at who that new Overwatch hero may be, the Twitch chat made it clear; fans want the new character to be Doomfist. Overwatch developer Blizzard has continued to hint at Doomfist with updates to maps, while the releases of the other characters have been used to present more Doomfist lore. For example, playable robot guardian Orisa was introduced after the Doomfist gauntlet was stolen from the fictional city of Numbani, which is where Orisa calls home.

Additionally, Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Terry Crews has told fans to expect a 'major' Overwatch surprise at E3 2017. In theory, the surprise could be anything from a new game mode to new maps to a new character (that isn't Doomfist). However, Blizzard is believed to have hired Crews to be the voice behind Doomfist and given that a leak of the game's upcoming characters also suggested that Doomfist will be the next new hero, it's hard to believe that the surprise will be for anything else.

But regardless of who the next playable Overwatch character is, Kaplan ensures that players will have plenty of things to do throughout the year. The game director recently said that people shouldn't expect new seasonal Overwatch events in the second year of the game but during the Twitch stream he explained that the team is "literally working on content all the way through the end of the year."

As such, fans will be able to experience "cool content drops every single month between now and the end of the year." No word on exactly what those content drops will include, but it's still exciting nonetheless.

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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