Original 'Flappy Bird' Coming Back New & Improved

Flappy Bird 2

Remember when Flappy Bird was taken down from the iOS and Android mobile app stores by its creator Dong Nguyen? The reason Nguyen - who created the game in just a few days - removed the addictive app is because of that very reason - addiction. Nguyen admits to receiving loads of hate mail for his creation causing some users, the ones who can't take responsibility themselves, for becoming addicted to the game and some even smashing their mobile devices when failing at it. Even from taking it down, the game maker received death threats.

The concept of tapping the touchscreen on your phone/tablet to make a little 8-bit bird hop through Super Mario-inspired pipes was so simple, and the game had millions of players, earning Nguyen a whopping $50,000 per day in ad revenue according to reports. The idea-theft-friendly app markets then exploded with thousands of clones of the game in the following weeks, each trying with minimal effort to use the concept, even the word "Flappy" to gain users and more eyes on in-game ads.

The idea then, of removing Flappy Bird to prevent addiction, backfired in the worst way imaginable. Now there were millions of additional players playing what's essentially the same game. I made videos of over a dozen of these to emphasize how ridiculous the situation was and you can check those out here.

Nguyen, a talented developer with several other games on the market, is currently working on a few new apps and last week we reported that he was "considering" bringing back Flappy Bird. Why not, if there are so many other games out there? Might as well capitalize and profit on the trend it started.

Now it's confirmed and Flappy Bird is on its way back to the market, but it might not be the same simple game you remember. Nguyen confirmed via Twitter that the game will return but won't give a release date, explaining that it's going to be better.




With the popularity of the sub-genre Flappy Bird spawned and the sheer amount of attention the phenomenon earned, there's no doubt the next-gen Flappy Bird, so to speak, will earn plenty of media attention when it releases and you can expect it to top the free download charts on the app markets it releases on. The new Flappy Bird is a guaranteed money maker for Nguyen and we're curious what sort of changes the new version will feature and how long it'll take for a new wave of clones of it.

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