New Nioh 2 Screenshots Revealed; Gameplay Demo Set for TGS 2019

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The creative director at Team Ninja shared a slew of new screenshots from the upcoming sequel Nioh 2 today, as well as some brief details about that story and updates on the game's recent closed demo. Additionally, the developer promised Nioh 2 will make an appearance as a consumer demo at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Team Ninja's creative director, Tom Lee, took a moment to update fans on how Nioh 2 is progressing, as well as release a series of screenshots showcasing the new protagonist. As audiences saw in earlier looks at the game, this new samurai warrior is part human, part Yokai, and can transform into the latter seemingly at will. According to Lee, this transformation will be a key part of the story, immersing the protagonist into the Dark Realm of the Yokai. This should come as no surprise, since this transformation was the focus for the Nioh 2 trailer at E3 2018, where the game was announced to audiences for the first time.

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Lee also mentions the recently closed alpha demo that was made available to a limited number of participants. Now that it has come to a close, he states that the majority of the feedback was positive, which is good news for those anticipating the sequel. The developer is now using what it learned from that demo session, as well as feedback from participants, to improve upon the game.

nioh 2 screenshot showcase lady ninja giant demon team ninja
nioh 2 screenshot showcase protagonist throwing axe team ninja
nioh 2 screenshot showcase protagonist yokai transformation team ninja
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The demo itself was teased back in May when Team Ninja released a trailer for the closed alpha. Anyone dying to know what participants got to test out, this is the best look. There are a variety of weapons demoed on several different enemies types, as well as previews of the aforementioned transformation into a Yokai, which is a highlight of the trailer. There is also a CGI cutscene that kicks things off.

To close out the post, Lee announced a brand new consumer demo that will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which begins in less than a month, September 12. There is no information on what attendees will be experiencing in the demo, but Lee promises more details soon.

Nioh 2 is currently in development for the PS4.

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