A financial report from Yahoo Japan indicates that Nintendo has an unannounced new handheld in development that is currently known by the codename MH.

With Nintendo ramping up its mobile game development, moving into the film industry, and preparing to release the Nintendo NX in March 2017, the company has a lot on its plate. However, even though Nintendo is set to launch a brand new console in less than a year’s time, it appears as though the company has even more hardware in the pipeline, in the form of a handheld that is known by the codename MH.

This information comes from a financial report published by Yahoo Japan. The report claims that Nintendo will soon move on to a next-generation console, the Nintendo NX, as well as a next-gen handheld device, the MH. This is the first time we’ve heard about such a device existing, but it’s possible that what Yahoo Japan describes as a next-gen handheld device is really the controller for the NX.

Previous rumors have pointed to the Nintendo NX being a console/handheld hybrid, with leaked Nintendo controller patents hinting that the controller itself could be a handheld device. In fact, there were reports that the Nintendo NX controller handheld would release before the console itself. However, now that we know that the Nintendo NX is launching in March 2017, those reports of the NX handheld equivalent launching first appear to have been false.

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If the Nintendo NX isn’t a console/handheld hybrid, then it seems as though Nintendo could possibly be releasing even more hardware in 2017. That being said, Nintendo has rarely released a new handheld before a new console, with the Game Boy releasing before the Super Nintendo, the DS releasing before the Wii, the 3DS releasing before the Wii U. With Nintendo only showing Zelda at E3, it seems unlikely that the Big N has enough time to reveal a brand new handheld and release it before the NX’s March 2017 release date, so if the MH is a separate device, it may launch in fall 2017 or later.

Of course, all of this is just speculation at this juncture. Since this is the first time that we’ve heard about the supposed MH handheld, there’s very little information to go on, making it difficult to determine if the MH is a separate handheld device or part of the Nintendo NX. Until Nintendo decides to reveal the NX and we learn about that device’s possible handheld capabilities, take any information about the MH with a grain of salt.

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Source: Yahoo Japan (via IGN)

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