New Nintendo Console Also Has New Controller With HD Screen

New Nintendo Console Controller HD Screen

Forget the 3DS, there's another new Nintendo console on the way! I'm just kidding, if you like handhelds, keep playing your 3DS. We're not joking about another new Nintendo console though. Rumors that indicated Nintendo may announce their Wii successor at E3 2011 have just been confirmed and the internet is going crazy.

Many publications are reporting from a variety of sources on the breaking news, confirming that Nintendo is showing their new console to the big publishers so they can get to work on launch titles and that the console is more powerful than both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The new Nintendo home console will also bring with it a brand new controller design that contains a built-in HD screen.

Don't worry, it won't look anything like Hyperkin's SupaBoy SNES console (pictured above).

The first reports confirming the new Nintendo console, confirmed it would support HD but were unsure of how it compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. A multitude of further reports from different sources confirmed that the new unit (Wii 2?) is in fact more powerful than the competition, with one report going as far as using the word "significantly."

CVG just found out some additional info about the console's controls. As we reported earlier, we expected an upgraded motion control device and a new controller design since Nintendo's current peripheral selection is dated. Their sources reveal that it won't be anything like your familiar Wii remote but it'll actually be an entirely new design featuring a built-in HD screen. Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast controller with the VMU?

Details on the screen's capabilities or whether or not it's a touch-screen (a la DS/3DS) haven't been revealed but we expect a lot more info shortly.

Everything so far from the power of the unit to the accessories of the new Nintendo console seem on the up and up, but until we see the goods and check out the online capabilities, we can't really compare to the competition just yet. But you can certainly get excited by the words of one of CVG's sources:

"Nintendo's plans sound unreal. Publishers are already planning launch titles and it's all very exciting.

"The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii. The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it."

I hope the controller has two analog sticks!


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Source: CVG

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