New Nintendo 'Project Cafe' Controller Design Updates

Nintendo Wii 2 HD Controller Touch Screen

With so many reports from so many different sources rolling out about Nintendo's upcoming new console, codenamed Project Cafe, it's becoming a full-time exercise to keep track.

Even though it's not official, the updates from sources in the know are honing in on precise details and now we have more info regarding the new Nintendo console's controller designs.

Last week we found out that Nintendo's new console would sport stronger tech than both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but how much stronger and how it would compare to Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen consoles remains uncertain.

We also found out that, like the Wii, Nintendo would be going the innovative route with their controller designs. This time, their controller will contain a 6-inch touchscreen, making the controller a tablet of sorts. It also has a built-in camera and is more precise than the PlayStation Move in terms of motion controls.

The latest updates explain that the touchscreen, albeit not HD according to reports, is able to stream full video from the console. That means, while playing a game at home, you could get away with not needing the TV on. If that works as it sounds, this is an entirely new type of gaming where you can turn on the console and play from elsewhere on the controller. How far you need to be from the unit for it to work is another question entirely.

The controller isn't just touchscreen and motion however, as it also has two analog sticks so you can finally jump in on modern gaming fun! Believe it or not this is the first main Nintendo console controller to support dual-stick functionality. Don't tell us the Gamecube controller had two sticks, because it didn't. The C-stick was not a joystick.

The size and ergonomics of this rather large-sounding controller are the question of concern in my eyes. Also, if it's as large as I'm picturing, how does that lend itself to motion controls? Or are the motion controls from seperate peripherals a la Xbox 360/PS3?


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Source: IGN

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