5 Nintendo 3DS Games We Want Revealed At E3 2014

By | 2 years ago 

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal

In just two short weeks, the whole of the gaming industry’s attention will be trained on Los Angeles for the yearly showcase of everything new and exciting coming out of the E3 trade show. While the event will be rife with exciting and surprising announcements, in many cases these reveals find themselves prematurely in the public eye. Despite this, it’s hard to resist the allure of a well-kept secret.

Following the news that Nintendo would be holding two special Q&A sessions during E3 2014 – one pertaining to Super Smash Bros. and the other focusing on “a new game for 3DS” – the identity of the 3DS title continues to remain a mystery. Could it be a new experience from an established franchise or a new IP altogether?

Here are five titles that would leave gamers excited for Nintendo’s portable in the year ahead.

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