5 Nintendo 3DS Games We Want Revealed At E3 2014

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Handheld

5 3DS Games We Hope Nintendo Reveals At E3 2014

In just two short weeks, the whole of the gaming industry's attention will be trained on Los Angeles for the yearly showcase of everything new and exciting coming out of the E3 trade show. While the event will be rife with exciting and surprising announcements, in many cases these reveals find themselves prematurely in the public eye. Despite this, it's hard to resist the allure of a well-kept secret.

Following the news that Nintendo would be holding two special Q&A sessions during E3 2014 - one pertaining to Super Smash Bros. and the other focusing on "a new game for 3DS" - the identity of the 3DS title continues to remain a mystery. Could it be a new experience from an established franchise or a new IP altogether?

Here are five titles that would leave gamers excited for Nintendo's portable in the year ahead.

Majora's Mask 3D

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Majora's Mask

If there's one Nintendo franchise that has managed to stand the test of time - literally - it's The Legend of Zelda. While the N64 classic Ocarina of Time has already made its way to Nintendo's current handheld, it's Link's other Nintendo 64 offering that gamers have been yearning for: Majora's Mask. Having been rumored on multiple occasions, this Zelda classic has garnered a heavy following since its release and for good reason.

While it may be one of the rainiest, dreariest titles around at times, it also marks one of the most challenging - and subsequently rewarding - installments in the franchise. By breathing life into this classic on the 3DS, it would allow newer gamers a chance to experience the horrors of the world ending over and over again at the hands of the most horrific moon in gaming. Not only this, but the addition of an increased difficulty and more fiendish puzzles would give series veterans new reasons to return and earn their bragging rights.

Our suggestion: Throw a shiny 3D coat of paint on this N64 classic and supplement it with an added difficulty mode akin to "Master Quest" or "Hero Mode" to appease returning fans. This is one instance where the original subject matter can easily stand on its own.

Classic Metroid Sidescroller

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Metroid

Despite being one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises, Metroid has spent much of the last few years on the back-burner despite rumors of a Retro Studios offering in the works. Outside of Super Smash Bros., Samus hasn't had much of a chance to don her power armor and take to the stars to hunt space pirates. While her most recent solo outings have taken place in the third-dimension to much acclaim, a return to her classic adventures along a 2D plane continue to be lusted-over by fans the world over.

Holding the distinction of being one half of the origin for the term "Metroidvania," Samus' side-scrolling efforts are an important part of gaming history. For this reason, it's almost criminal that there aren't more titles populating the series like Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission. These side-scrolling titles are practically made for handhelds and shorter play sessions, so it's a wonder that they don't have a bigger representation in the current landscape.

Our suggestion: Zebes has been played out, so why not drop Samus into an entirely new landscape with new hazards. Even better, have Samus' next outing take her to multiple different planets, allowing for drastic changes in gameplay between them.

Nintendo's Take On NFC Technology

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal NFC Pokemon

It's hard to believe that Nintendo passed on having exclusivity over the Skylanders cash-cow when there are seemingly infinite ways the NFC technology could have been implemented into their properties. With the recent unveiling of their own NFC prototype and the announcement that Super Smash Bros. will support the technology though, it looks as though the company has taken note of the possibilities that it could afford them.

With the 3DS continuing to perform incredibly well, it would only be logical for Nintendo to bring this new tech to their handheld device. Further, it's no surprise that the technology is almost tailor-made for a series with such heavy collecting mechanics as Pokemon. Put these two together, and it's easy to see why NFC could very well find a comfortable home on the 3DS.

Our suggestion: Build upon the foundation set by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and mix in some Skylanders for an action RPG take on the Pokemon franchise, complete with the endless collecting of physical toys.

A Sequel To Super Mario RPG

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Super Mario RPG

Arguably one of Nintendo's most beloved titles of yore also happens to represent on of its biggest risks and departures from their pedigree. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has managed to stand the test of time and acted as the framework for numerous Mario-based role-playing games that have since followed.

While the majority of these titles have been embraced by fans as worthy successors, there still exists an empty space where a proper sequel could some day exist. Having represented the only major appearance of fan-favorite characters like Geno, the Axem Rangers and Smithy, there's potential for greatness should Nintendo move away from brotherly and paper-based role-playing journeys. Now if only they could get Square Enix on board.

Our suggestion: Go back to Mario's RPG roots with a return to the franchise's slightly unsettling SNES portrayal of the Mushroom Kingdom and its surrounding regions. The lore is there and ready for extrapolation and the years of experience in the genre since its original release could help to elevate this above that of a simple sequel.

Star Fox Adventures 3DS

5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Star Fox Adventures

This is sure to be a contentious choice as the original title proved to be one of Nintendo's most polarizing titles. Known for his daring pilot-work, Star Fox Adventures saw the titular fox sharing the spotlight with series newcomer Krystal. Rather than focusing on the series' patented air battles, Adventures played more like a 3D Zelda title gaining it both the ire and acclaim of GameCube owners.

It's no secret that Platinum Games has expressed an interest in a new Star Fox title, and who better to helm a title that title that focuses on Fox McCloud's melee skills than the minds behind Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101? Since Nintendo has proven that they have the chops to pull off engrossing adventure titles on the 3DS, it wouldn't be a far cry to see them shake things up by reminding gamers that the Star Fox series is still capable of telling a story on a microcosmic level.

Our suggestion: Dinosaurs are all well and good, but there's still a whole universe to explore full of exotic planets. Sticking to an existing planet? Gamers have already seen the cityscapes of Venom but what of the planet's far corners? What flora and fauna could its less-inhabited areas contain?


5 3DS Games E3 Reveal Reggie

In the end, whatever title it is that Nintendo is preparing to reveal during their Q&A at E3 is sure to be something they have a great amount of faith in. Not only have they opened the floodgates of speculation, but they have positioned the title parallel to what is arguably their biggest property: Super Smash Bros. It's entirely possible that Nintendo could surprise gamers with a brand new IP. Whatever it is, this new handheld title will have all eyes on it since Nintendo has so little to announce and showcase this year at E3.

What do you think Nintendo's mysterious 3DS reveal will entail? Were you among the Star Fox fans who embraced Adventures or shied away from its different take on the series?

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