New Nintendo 3DS Gets a Spiffy New Trailer

It's hard to make an argument against Nintendo's current handheld. Despite getting off to a rough start, the portable has completely turned around and found a sizeable audience. With a library of quality titles currently available, and the likes of other anticipated games like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS en route, it's no wonder that consumers are excited for the recently announced revision for the handheld.

Appropriately titled the New Nintendo 3DS, this revamped portable is set to offer a number of improvements over its predecessor. While the hardware may be tantalizing for longtime Nintendo connoisseurs, it was confirmed by the house of Mario that it won't be releasing in North America or the United Kingdom at any point in 2014 – despite arriving in Japan later this year.

Both of the aforementioned branches of the Big N won't be bringing the updated handheld to their respective territories until 2015. Oddly enough, however, the longstanding gaming company (it just turned 125 years old) announced that the New 3DS will be arriving in Australia and New Zealand on November 21, 2014.

New Nintendo 3DS Australian Release Date

Accompanying the announcement was a new trailer for the forthcoming platform, which highlights some of the benefits that accompany the New 3DS. Upgraded CPU, enhanced 3D viewing options and added Amiibo support are just a few of the bullet points at the center of the device's marketing push. Combining those with the fact that the unit will feature exclusive games and Ninty appears to have its next major entry in the 3DS family lined up to make it some decent cash.

It's odd that Nintendo would plan to release the new portable gaming device in Japan and Australia prior to the arrival of the Holiday season, but there must be some kind of method to its apparent madness. Likely tied to stock issues, it's possible that Nintendo either: A) can't make enough New 3DS systems in time to launch them in other major markets; B) wants to sell more of its existing 3DS units in North America and the UK in order to cut down on the cannibalization of the already readily available hardware.

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The New Nintendo 3DS is currently without a North American release date, but is expected to hit store shelves at some point in 2015.

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