New Nier is Pretty Much a Platinum Games Game

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Platinum Games designer Yasuhisa Taura shares details on the development of the upcoming Nier sequel, suggesting that the game is largely the studio’s doing.

Many were surprised to hear that a sequel to the underappreciated action RPG Nier was in development when it was announced at E3 earlier this year. Now there’s word that the game is much more of a Platinum Games production than previously expected — something that should please fans of the highly acclaimed Osaka-based studio.

Speaking to GameSpot, Platinum Games designer Yasuhisa Taura noted that development of the sequel is “mostly taking place here at Platinum” — however, he did also state that the studio is “of course” getting help from Square-Enix, the company that owns the franchise, having published the original game in 2010.

When the currently untitled Nier sequel was announced, it was expected that the game would be something of a co-production between Square Enix and Platinum Games. Taura suggests otherwise, stating that “the majority of development” is being done by Platinum, with a few notable Square Enix staff members joining them.

That number includes Taro Yoko, who directed the original game and Keiichi Okabe, its composer. Character designs will also be provided by former Square Enix artist Akihiko Yoshida, who is well known for his sterling work on the Final Fantasy series.

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While original IPs from Platinum like Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 have no doubt been fondly received, the studio has recently become known for its adaptations of other franchises. The company’s latest title, Transformers: Devastation, was released earlier this month to some acclaim.

It seems that this reputation led to the partnership with Square Enix for the Nier sequel. According to Taura, the company approached Platinum with an offer to adapt one of its franchises, but didn’t specify which one. As it happened, Taura was already working on a proposal that meshed well with the Nier property.

Putting the sequel in the hands of Platinum Games will certainly mean that it’s no slouch in the combat department. Above all else, the studio is known for its mastery of gameplay in the character action genre — and the occasionally punishing difficulty of the games it has produced as a result.

Any fans of the original Nier can be sure that the franchise is in good hands, particular since any sort of follow-up seemed unlikely. Meanwhile, Platinum Games devotees will no doubt be very interested to see what the studio can do with the franchise.

The sequel to Nier is in development for PlayStation 4. No release date information has been shared as of the time of writing.

Source: GameSpot