New Metro Game In Development At 4A Games

Metro Exodus sequel

THQ Nordic, the owner of Metro series publisher Deep Silver, confirms that a new Metro game is in development at 4A Games. In the same investment meeting, THQ Nordic also confirmed that a new TimeSplitters project is being worked on and that Dead Island 2 is still being developed.

Twitter user Nathan, or DarkDetectiveNL, listened to the THQ Nordic investment meeting where the company confirmed 4A Games is making a new Metro title. This information was not in the press release that summarized the announcements made in the meeting, such as the confirmation of a new Saints Row game, but the company did talk about the success of the Metro series in the document.

Between April to June, 2019 Deep Silver's net sales grew by 10% to SEK 373 million, or around USD $38.7 million, said THQ Nordic in the press release. "The quarter’s performance was highlighted by the continued strength of Metro Exodus," revealed the company. This confirms that Metro Exodus sold incredibly well although it faced controversy because of its Epic Games Store exclusivity deal.

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Other games in the Metro series were review bombed on Steam and within 24 hours of the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal being announced, the first two games in the series were hit with hundreds of negative reviews. Steam owner Valve also called the exclusivity deal "unfair" which only fanned the flames. The backlash was so severe that 4A Games threatened not to release future Metro games on PC. However, none of this seemed to stop people from buying the game and helping Deep Silver to a strong quarter of profits.

4A Games and THQ Nordic haven't confirmed a name or a setting for the new game. They also haven't confirmed if it will strike another Epic Games Store exclusivity deal. Fans will hope that the new Metro game can build on the strength of Metro Exodus, though. The game's well-paced story, combat, and exploration gameplay all being praised.

Some Metro Exodus reviews did pick up on some issues. NPCs don't have different personalities from one another and the game's checkpoint system also left players having to reload saves to get out of difficult situations. Bugs and long load time negatively affected a player's experience too. 4A Games can work on these with the next Metro game, however, and fans will hope that the developer shares more about the game soon.

A new Metro game is in development for unspecified platforms.

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Source: THQ Nordic

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