New Metro Exodus Trailer Revealed at E3 2018

With E3 2018 well underway, fans got a new glimpse at Deep Silver's upcoming first-person shooter title, Metro Exodus. It was revealed during Microsoft's E3 press conference and gave much relief to those saddened by its 2019 delay. The cinematic trailer begins with a powerful message and reminder that much of Russia is in ruins; however, the speaking figure also promises this to be an hour of glory.

This latest Metro Exodus trailer shows off the frozen wastelands of Russia, new weapons, winged beasts, enemies, the gas mask, and much more. It ends with Artyom making a jump that seems like certain death, which may hint at the increasingly morbid theme of the game. Check it the newest trailer below:

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't confirm a release date for Metro Exodus, but it is expected to release sometime in Q1 2019. Considering games typically receive a release date a few months ahead of time, we should hopefully hear something soon, but regardless, this trailer may very well fill a void in many Metro fan's hearts.

For fans of the Metro franchise, this is the first look at the game since a series of screenshots which highlight the environment and gun mods leaked a few months back. As more and more is released, the development of the game is clearly shaping up to produce a quality game. Hopefully, as the coming year nears closer, more information about Metro Exodus will be made available to its fanbase.

While this latest trailer for Metro Exodus is beautiful, E3 continues on. Not much more concerning Metro Exodus may be revealed during the gaming convention, but that doesn't mean more information isn't coming soon. Click below for more E3-related news, as Microsoft's press conference is still on-going and Bethesda's begins tonight. Stay tuned for Metro Exodus and E3-related news!

Metro Exodus releases Q1 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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