PSM 'Metal Gear Solid' Tease: 'Rising' Update or New 'Snake' Game?

Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake

It’s no surprise that print magazines work hard to get sweet exclusives - to keep subscribers invested in shelling out money in a time when most information breaks online.

Occasionally, there will be a chance where they will get a story months in advance, and not be allowed to say anything about it. That’s when you know it’s a really good story - especially when the subject at hand is a forthcoming Metal Gear Solid title.

It's the situation we find ourselves in with this month’s issue of Official PlayStation Magazine - where, in the issue's opening comments, an extra intriguing tidbit crept through. Speaking to an especially big issue that subscribers can expect next month, as well as a not-so “stealthy hint” teased within the pages, the issue definitely got people wondering:

I promise you that next month is an equally significant issue in our history (referring to Uncharted 3 of this month’s issue). I desperately want to say more, but really mustn’t. Other than this: turn to p.81 for a stealthy hint and be very, very excited.”

The page in question (posted below), could be the focus of any number of things: a simple statement of excitement, an advertisement for PSM membership, or maybe a special celebration of punctuation. While those are all possibilities, it's more likely that Kojima is ready to unveil something new in the Metal Gear vein.

Given their recent penchant for showing off the new Fox Engine — and the upcoming release of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - it could be about that time for the official unveiling of their next big project. Will the reveal detail an entirely new project or are we finally going to get some solid info on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a title that was briefly talked about back during E3 2010, and then disappeared soon after.

Set to focus on (now) fan-favorite Raiden, the game has been set to be a “cut and take” style of play, with players getting to use the Sony Move to slice and dice Raiden’s swords around. Unfortunately nothing more was said about the game after E3 that year - as Konami and Kojima had begun to put heavy work into the new Fox Engine.

Whether or not the tease is for a new game or Rising, we'll definitely make sure to keep an eye out for the reveal. In the mean time, as always, we here at Game Rant love to hear what the fans think. If you have an idea as to what you may think it could be, drop us a comment and let the guessing game commence.


Source: PSM [via AGS]

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