New 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' Trailer

New Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer

The one game I am most excited about this holiday season may indeed also be the cutest. Yes, Kirby's Epic Yarn is that game. In the Japanese overview trailer that was just released for this utter cute-fest, Kirby turns into a fire truck. I would end the post there, but there's just too much else to touch on here.

My favorite game on the Nintendo DS is and will always be Kirby: Canvas Curse, and I have a feeling this epic yarn may rank among my favorite Wii games as well. Nintendo is obviously trying something completely different here, like they did with Canvas Curse, or more appropriately, with Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker, and completely revamping a character that no one ever saw as needing a revamp. Yet, as they have proven on almost ever single occasion, these changes are for the better.


This three minute trailer gives us a fascinating glimpse into the stringy world of Kirby and shows off a few dozen of the different Kirbys that we will be controlling throughout the game, ranging from a UFO to a train, a car to a dolphin. And of course, a fire truck. He's even got the little hose! The trailer also shows off a minigame of sorts where Kirby collects furniture and items throughout the campaign that can be brought to his house. I don't know how they plan on implementing this feature into the full experience, but it's definitely a nice little bonus. I always wondered where Kirby lived anyway.

The most obvious point that this trailer gets across is that this game is jam-packed with content. Mixed in with the classic Kirby platforming is a top-down shooter, an Animal Crossing-style house creator, dune buggy racing, and some very entertaining looking multiplayer. Nintendo is definitely bring back Kirby in a big way for the holiday season.

So who's with me in thinking that a Kirby fire truck is basically the best thing ever? I bet it's all of you.

Kirby's Epic Yarn unravels all over the Wii on October 17th, 2010.

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