Sony Teases New 'Killzone' Game With Helghast Image [UPDATED]

Sony Killzone Tease

[UPDATE: Looks like Sony was teasing a double Valor weekend for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Bummer.]

While Killzone already received its chance to shine on the new PlayStation 4 console, many fans feel like the franchise didn’t get a fair shake. Like most launch titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall showed potential, and was absolutely gorgeous, but didn’t do much to push the series forward. For that matter, the game played things a little too safe both with its story and its gameplay.

After Killzone Shadow Fall’s (arguably) disappointing showing, many wondered whether the franchise would get another chance. The series was already walking on thin ice after Killzone 3, and many were surprised when Shadow Fall was even announced.

More Killzone on PS4?

The good news is it does sound like Killzone will continue, at least that’s what Sony wants fans to believe. This Tuesday, the company posted a teaser image featuring a Helghast soldier that carried the message, “Soon.” Check it out below.


While many will be quick to jump on the Killzone hype train, it’s unclear what specific title the tease may be for. Shadow Fall only just released in 2013, so it might be pushing it to expect another game so soon. In our minds, the franchise’s console wing needs to take a step back and focus on what fans really want out of Killzone before moving forward.

Killzone Mercenary Sequel

However, a second camp believes that the glowing orange symbols in the Helghan’s eyes are the biggest clue. Fans of Killzone Mercenary, the Vita release in the series, will recognize the icon as the currency from that game. It could obviously be a coincidence, but we’re willing to bet that whatever Sony is teasing, it likely has more to do with Killzone Mercenary than anything else.

Killzone Shadow Fall Review

That’s a good thing, though, as Mercenary was one of the rare well-received Vita releases of recent memory. The game successfully bridged the gap between FPS and handheld, and found a way to make the spin-off feel integral to the series’ mythology.

With that in mind, we doubt that fans would be disappointed if the announcement were another Killzone Mercenary title. It would be strange to see Sony support the Vita now after putting it on the backburner for so long, but this would certainly be something for handheld owners to get excited about.

Do you want to see a follow-up to Killzone: Shadow Fall? Or do you think Killzone Mercenary 2 is a better option?

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