Whether you enjoy playing them or not, there’s no denying that the recent surge of music and rhythm games in the past few years has made for the perfect party gaming experience. If there’s one name that’s almost immediately associated with these genres, it’s Harmonix. Even though they have been a staple of the rhythm game market for years, their 2007 release of Rock Band was one of the releases that changed the face of the genre.

With Dance Central 2 on the way and following the announcement that there would be no Rock Band release in 2011 outside of its regular DLC content, many gamers have been wondering what they will tackle next. After recently filing a trademark for the title Vidrhythm, it seems that gamers now have a hint of what could be Harmonix‘s next potential IP.

Speaking to Giant Bomb, Harmonix Communications Director John Drake confirmed the existence of Vidrhythm. While he remained tight-lipped regarding any specific details, he did go on to state that “it will be awesome.” With so little information, much will be left up to speculation for the time being until more information is released.

Judging by the game’s name though, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the game were to integrate the Kinect hardware. While Rock Band deals with the performing of music and Dance Central deals with, unsurprisingly, dancing, there’s a possibility that Vidrhythm could focus on the music videos that accompany everyone’s favorite songs. This would be a logical next step in their domination of everything rhythm-based in the gaming industry.

In doing this, Harmonix could then use Kinect in a way similar to the Yoostar games in order to put the gamer into the music video, acting out the actions onscreen. Even though this may not sound like a very interesting concept, something in the same vein could make for a great party game if executed correctly.

Regardless of what speculation may arise, it will probably not be long before Harmonix unveils the game to the world. With numerous solid titles under their belt, it will be interesting to see what the project is and how Harmonix will go about handling it.

What do you think Vidrhythm could be? Are you beginning to tire of the constant flow of rhythm games?

Source: Giant Bomb

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